Verification was completed by DMAPS/PSB PAGE(S) . .. ^. ^ was not included in Original Application Package Date ihijlO Initials (X-Qf^ Program Director/Principal Investigator (Last, First, Middle): MasNah, ENezer FROM THROUGH DETAILED BUDGET FOR INITIAL BUDGET PERIOD DIRECT COSTS ONLY 07/1/11 06/30/12 List PERSONNEL (Applicant organization only) Use Gal, Acad, or Summer to Enter Months Devoted to Project Enter Dollar Amounts Requested (omit cents) for Salary Requested and Fringe Benefits ROLE ON Cal. Acad. Summer INST.BASE SALARY FRINGE NAME PROJECT Mnths Mnths Mnths SALARY REQUESTED BENEFITS TOTAL Eliezer Masliah PD/PI 2.4 199,700 39,940 8,787 48,727 Ed Rockenstein SRA 4.8 63,816 25,527 7,658 33,185 Michael Mante SRA 4.8 44,856 17,942 8,971 26,914 Anthony Adame SRA 4.8 46,683 18,673 5,602 24,275 PostDoc Paula DesPlats 6.0 54,495 27,248 10,899 38,147 Researcher Leslie Crews GSR 2.4 58,860 11,772 2,943 14,715 SUBTOTALS 141,102 44,860 185,962 CONSULTANT COSTS EQUIPMENT (Itemize) SUPPLIES (Itemize by category) Immunocytochemical $20,000 Surgical $2,268 Biochemical $15,000 Molecular Biology $5,000 General Lab Supplies $607 42,875 TRAVEL INPATIENT CARE COSTS OUTPATIENT CARE COSTS ALTERATIONS AND RENOVATIONS (Itemize by category) OTHER EXPENSES (Itemize by category) Breeding and Animal Maintenance $18,579 NGN/Communication $2,585 21,163 CONSORTIUM/CONTRACTUAL COSTS DIRECT COSTS SUBTOTAL DIRECT COSTS FOR INITIAL BUDGET PERIOD (Item 7a. Face Page) $ 250,000 CONSORTIUM/CONTRACTUAL COSTS FACILITIES AND ADMINISTRATIVE COSTS TOTAL DIRECT COSTS FOR INITIAL BUDGET PERIOD $ 250,000 PHS 398 (Rev. 6/09) Page_ Form Page 4

National Institute of Health (NIH)
National Institute on Aging (NIA)
Method to Extend Research in Time (MERIT) Award (R37)
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Refolo, Lorenzo
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University of California San Diego
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La Jolla
United States
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