The objectives of this research are to advance Reference and Extended Command Governor control theory and algorithms for systems, such as downsized systems, that can presently fail to perform optimally due to lack of ability to handle stringent state and control constraints. The Governors are predictive control algorithms that augment high performance feedback loops and modify reference commands to protect the system from constraint violation. In this research, Reference and Extended Command Governor methods are developed for: (a) systems with fast and slow dynamics, (b) linear systems with nonlinear constraints, (c) systems with dynamics evolving on Lie groups, (d) systems with dynamic disturbance models, and (e) for the case when Governors are placed inside intentionally or unintentionally created feedback loops. The research progresses from developing the theory and algorithms, to treating high impact automotive and aerospace applications using simulations and experiments, to disseminating research results for academic and industrial audience, and to incorporating research results into courses to enhance student education.

This research has a potential to benefit automotive and aerospace transportation, energy efficiency, environment, defense, and maintaining space infrastructure. Specifically, the advances made will: (a) enable higher levels of automotive engine downsizing and vehicle fuel economy improvements, (b) allow for a more aggressive use of aircraft gas turbine engines during emergency maneuvering which will increase aircraft safety, (c) extend the safe range and mission duration of very flexible aircraft (for a variety of commercial and military use), (d) enhance attitude control and safe rendezvous and proximity maneuvering capability for autonomous spacecraft, (e) improve energy management of automotive and aerospace hybrid powerplants with small energy storage. The research results disseminated through publications (including a monograph), and implemented in a Matlab toolbox, will support researchers, students and practitioners alike in their activities to develop and implement the Reference and Extended Command Governors.

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