The proposal is asking for partial travel support for US based graduate students and other mathematicians to attend a major conference in topology, Dubrovnik VII - Geometric Topology to be held on June 26- July 3, 2011 ( This is a great opportunity for the junior mathematicians to familiarize themselves with the frontiers of research in this very active subject and in the future contribute to it. In addition, many of the participants (e.g. six of the main speakers) are anticipated to be women. Based on initial inquiries, it is also likely that several of US based mathematicians that will be supported on this grant, if funded, will be women.

Topology studies generalized notions of spatial structure. It is a fundamental part of modern mathematics and has applications as far ranging as robotics, fluid mixing, tomography, computer networks, algorithms complexity, linking of DNA, and many others. International conferences are fundamental to the strength and development of mathematics, and as such are a fundamental part of the international colaboration as well as of the development of the national science core and the scientific infrastructure. This conference will combine the latest results in Geometry, Topology and Group Theory. The Dubrovnik conference has a long and a very successful tradition bringing together researches from different areas mathematically and geographically. In many ways the Dubrovnik conference series has been an indespensible tool for collaboration in Topology. No doubts that this conference will advance top quality research in Topology while facilitating broad and deep interaction among adjacent mathematical research areas such as Group Theory and Differential Geometry and between abstract and applied research.

Project Report

The conference, focusing on latest developments in geometric topology, geometric group theory, continuum theory, shape theory, and geometric group theory, took place in Dubrovnik, Croatia, June 26 - July 3, 2011, at the Inter-University Centre. There was a total of 97 talks. 37 of these were 40-minute talks and 60 were 15-minute talks, taking place in 2-3 parallel sessions. There is more information at the conference web page The NSF funds were used to partially cover the cost of travel for 17 U.S.-based mathematicians. Three of these are women and five are junior mathematicians. The participants of the conference came from around the world, with Russia and Eastern Europe being heavily represented, but with participants from Japan and South America as well. The conference represented an interesting mix of mathematical interests not normally seen at conferences in the U.S. The Dubrovnik topology conferences have a long tradition, taking place every four years. This conference was the seventh of these, and the novel feature was the addition of geometric group theory as one of the focal points. The plans have already been made for the Eight Dubrovnik Topology Conference, to take place in June or July 2015 at the Inter-University Centre. Many of the participants are looking forward to it.

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