This proposal requests for partial support for US-based scientists to travel to the 12th International Workshop on Modeling of Mantle Convection and Lithospheric Dynamics (IW12), in Gross Dolln, Germany, from August 20th to August 25th, 2011. Approximately 22 participants, including key note speakers Mike Gurnis, Laurent Montesi, Barabara Romanowicz, and Shun Karato, are anticipated to attend the conference from the US. The main objectives of the Conference are (a) detailed discussions on scientific and technical aspects of geodynamic modeling, and interaction with neighboring disciplines, (b) introducing students and postdocs in an informal environment to the current leading areas of geodynamic research and (c) Interdisciplinary and international Collaboration. Invited keynote speeches will concentrate on a number areas including the rheology and dynamics of the lithosphere, interaction between the lithosphere and the asthenosphere, melt production and its effect on mantle dynamics, chemical heterogeneity, convection and lithospheric dynamics in other planets, early Earth dynamics, new numerical techniques, and benchmarks.

Geodynamic models answer fundamental questions on the internal processes, thermal structure, and evolution of Earth and planets using the principals of mechanics. Over the last half of the 20th century, there has been a tremendous growth in collaborative research topics in geodynamics. Coupled with exciting new discoveries in the areas of rock and mineral physics, seismology, and geodesy, geodynamics has provided answers to some fundamental questions in Earth and planetary sciences. This workshop provides an arena for interaction among various sub disciplines of geodynamics as well as experts from other fields providing the latest information on the developments. This is a relatively focused, small scale conference that fosters collaboration between scientists across geographical boundaries. For the early career participants, this workshop will provide a unique opportunity to acquire new information, form a cohort of early career scientists, encouraging future collaboration. The informal set up of the conference and sessions involving in-depth discussion with senior members of the community will also be beneficial for the graduate student and post- doctoral participants.

Project Report

(IW12), was held in Gross Doelln, Germany, from August 20th to August 25th, 2011. This grant covered the expenses of 15 US-based participants, 11 of whom were graduate students and postdoctoral researchers. The International Workshop is a well-recognized stage for a detailed, disciplinary discussion on cutting edge topics in Geodynamics. This workshop also highlights cross disciplinary collaboration between mineral physics, geochemistry, seismology, and geodynamics. The academic background of the participants reflected both the disciplinary and interdisciplinary nature of this workshop. The students and postdocs presented their research in interactive poster sessions. The invited participants gave keynote presentations. The PI and his research group presented their work in four different posters. The list of US based participants and their presentations are provided below. 1. Ballmer, Maxim Dionys : Thermochemical plume models can reconcile upper-mantle seismic velocity structure beneath Hawaii 2. Burkett, Erin : Dangling slab dynamics 3. Cai, Zhengyu : Propagation of flow in deformable porous media with damage 4. Drombosky, Tyler : A Boundary Element Dual Reciprocity Model of Multicrystal Settling in Magma Oceans 5. Foley, Bradford : The Conditions for Plate Tectonics on Super-Earths: Inferences From Convection Models With Damage 6. Gaeman, Jodi : Crystallization of Magma Oceans 7. Gurnis, Mike : Sea level and basin subsidence from global dynamic earth models (Keynote) 8. Hier-Majumder, Saswata : Two-Phase Flow Model of UltraLow Velocity Zone atop the Core-Mantle Boundary 9. Huettig, Christian : Implementation of a free surface phase change for mantle convection 10. Johnston, Stephanie : The Diversity of Ridges on Europa: Implications for Formation 11. Karato, Shun : Partial melting, water, rheological properties and the origin of the asthenosphere (Keynote) 12. Miller, Kevin : A Phenomenological Approach to Simulating LPO Development of Various Olivine Fabrics 13. Montesi, Laurent : Melt Extraction at Mid-Ocean Ridges A play in three acts (Keynote) 14. Petersen, Robert : Towards Self-consistent Numerical Models of Time-evolving Subduction Systems 15. Wimert, Jesse : A semianalytical, three dimensional model of mictrostructure in multiparticle, multiphase flow

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