The Smart Grid is among the most important and ambitious engineering endeavors of our time. Deep integration of renewable electricity generation is a key driver of the Smart Grid vision. A fundamental challenge is that these energy sources are highly variable ? they are not dispatchable, experience large and rapid changes, and are difficult to predict. The electricity grid must absorb this variability through a portfolio of solutions that include improved forecasts, demand shaping, electricity storage, optimal grid operations, and new market instruments. Our objective is to analyze this portfolio for wind energy integration. We will develop an analytical framework to study how wind variability can be addressed in competitive electricity markets at deep penetration levels. We will investigate market based wind curtailment, aggregation, matching of variable generation and flexible loads, and novel contract instruments.

Broader Impact The societal impact of our research comes from the fact that renewable electricity generation is critical for energy security and environmental sustainability. Our research directly addresses the obstacles that must be overcome to significantly increase the penetration of renewable generation. The technological impact of our research will stem from our novel framework to analyze existing options and design novel mechanisms for renewable integration. This will offer new insights and analysis methods which will guide the design of optimal portfolios of technology components and coordination mechanisms. The educational impact of our research is derived from our serious efforts at integrating education at all levels with our research. We will equip our students with the multi-disciplinary training in power systems operations, optimization, control, and economics to become leaders in making the Smart Grid vision a reality.

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