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This research is designed to address the suitability issues of the current offshore wind turbine design standards in the US, East Asia and Europe. The offshore wind conditions from sites in the US, Korea and Denmark were analyzed in terms of wind speed distribution, vertical wind profile and wind turbulence. Some inconsistencies were found when the wind characteristics at the three sites were compared with the corresponding wind models specified in the design standards for offshore wind turbine. In some cases, wind speeds varied faster with height than the rate defined in the standard. The existence of these cases indicates the wind turbines may experience higher wind shear loads than the loads the wind turbines are designed to withstand. The relationship between turbulence and wind speed in the standard does represent the real conditions. A model was proposed to characterize the observed relationship and will be further tested and improved to provide a suitable model for the relationship between wind speed and turbulence intensity for offshore wind turbine design. This research was conducted at a renowned wind research center in Korea with top researchers in the wind energy field. This not only made it possible to access offshore wind observation data in Korea, but also made it possible to establish collaboration for future research between Korea and the United States. Such international collaboration is necessary to expand current research opportunities and improve the suitability of offshore wind turbine design standards around the world. Besides the research experiences that I gained by working at the wind research center, the opportunity to learn first-hand about Korean culture was invaluable. This program allowed me to understand both the history and culture of Korea, but also, through my lab mates and host, become acquainted with typically Korean life. Some things that surprised me were the hierarchy levels and specific way to address authority figures in Korea. Without having working in a Korean laboratory office environment I probably would have never understand how hierarch works in Korean society, but the lab gave me the opportunity to experience it for myself.

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