The project is to support a US-Egypt workshop on research in recent technologies of electric and hybrid electric (HEV) vehicles. The US PI is Dr. Maher Rizkalla, Purdue School of Engineering and Technology, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI). The foreign collaborator is Dr. Yasser Dessouky, Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport. The workshop will bring together researchers from USA and Egypt with a goal to develop collaborative projects in hybrid electric vehicle (HEV). The expected outcomes of this workshop will include recommendations for future collaboration in HEV research between the two campuses (IUPUI and the Engineering Academy in Egypt).

Intellectual Merit: The workshop will present cutting edge research in hybrid vehicle technology, nanotechnology, sensors, modeling, and power electronics. The agenda includes panel discussion to develop plans for scientific collaborations in this field between the two countries. The research to be discussed will include electric hybrid vehicles and renewable energy programs. Four speakers from USA (2 from IUPUI and 2 from University of Wisconsin at Madison) and 10 speakers from Egyptian Academy will participate in the workshop. The theme ?Future Vehicle Technologies? covers important issues such as modeling and simulation, challenging research issues and solving approaches, dynamic systems, stability analysis, and device employment for vehicle safety. Such topics will benefit electrical engineering and mechanical engineering faculty members and graduate students in these disciplines from both sides. The exchange of knowledge between the two campuses will have significant impact on the HEV research in Egypt as well as in USA. The integration of knowledge within these disciplines may lead to better understanding to the challenging issues within the HEV system. Utilization of smart sensors will enhance the reliability and safety of these vehicles.

Broader Impact: The workshop will reinforce the education of students, and will also encourage collaboration among faculty members. The workshop provides important opportunity to encourage research in hybrid electric vehicle technology.

Project Report

and Science" Executive Summary An international workshop was conducted between Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI), USA, and the Arab Academy Science and Technology and Maritime Transport AAST in Alexandria, at the AAST campus in AbuKir, Egypt in January 2011. R&D subjects covered in the workshop included renewable energy, hybrid technology, and advanced nanosensors for future vehicle safety. The renewable energy included solar energy, wind energy, and ocean/wave energy. Examples were given from various locations in USA, Europe, and Egypt. Hybrid technology incorporates advanced drive motor designs for commercial available hybrid vehicles in US, Europe, and Japan. The employment of advanced nanotechnology sensors were covered to provide safety and high system efficiency for hybrid vehicles of the future. Some of the presentations presented in the workshop are posted in a website that belongs to IUPUI. These materials will support research programs among institutional researches in US and elsewhere. Purpose of the Workshop To exchange R&D outcomes in areas covered in the workshop. This include hybrid technology and electric grid To establish a university consortium between the AAST and US. To establish new courses for teaching electrical machines for undergraduate, including an advanced lab for modern variable-speed drives for undergraduate and graduate research projects. To introduce Mechatronics for the design of hybrid vehicles from USA, Europe, Malaysia, Canada, and Egypt. Countries represented in the workshop • USA • CANADA • ENGLAND • EGYPT • Malaysia Industries represented in the workshop Egyptian Engineering and Commerce (EGEC) Intel Cor., Egypt (USA company) GM (General Motors , Egypt division) Cairo Power Comp., Egypt Delphi Automotive, Egypt (USA company) Natural Gas Comp, Egypt Value Automotive, Egypt (French Comp.) Exhibits and planner speeches Future Research Collaboration Hybrid Technology Laboratories Joint Educational Programs Industrial Hybrid Exhibits See Fig 1 Institutional Support: NSF, IEEE, Egypt, and IET, Egypt Specific Topics covered in the workshop Hybrid Automotive Technology Components Systems Renewable Energy Solar Wind Wave/Ocean Natural Gas Safety & Efficiency Introduction to Nontechnology Nanotechnology Devices Employment of Nontechnology Materials and Devices in Vehicle Safety, Reliability, and Efficiency Smart Grids Power Grid Integration Multidisciplinary Future Research Multi-disciplinary research seeking contributions to more than one area of engineering and Sciences, by innovation in Concepts, Approaches, Mathematical/Computer Models, Tools, and Practice OUTCOMES AFTER ONE YEAR PERIOD FROM THE WORKSHOP The outcomes of this workshop grant ($15k) so far include: 1. More than 10 lectures were presented from US research activities 2. A paper is presented at the NSF Awardees last March in Washington DC 3. A website is finalized and is loaded into our school website: 4. The affiliation courses between the two campuses have been completed and tables are given below. The program will start in August 2012. This took one year efforts of negotiations between the four BS programs (EE at IUPUI, EE at AAST, ME at IUPUI, and ME at AAST). We are expecting a total of 8 AAST students will start the coming fall. The number will exceed gradually as the program is establishing. 5. A research plan will follow for AAST engineering students supervised by both AAST and US faculty members. The AAST students are also approved to continue their graduate programs at IUPUI if they satisfy the admission requirements. Publications: Ahmed El-Antably, Yasser G. Dessouky, and Maher E. Rizkalla, "APPLICATIONS OF RENEABLE ENERGY SOURCES, EMPHASIZNG HYBRID TECHNOLOGY WITH ADVANCED NANOSENSORS FOR SAFETY AND EFFICIENCY, AN INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP AT THE ARAB ACADEMY OF EGYPT, NSF Awardees conference, March 13-15, Arlington, VA Panel Discussions: Ahmed El-Antably, Energy Conversion Congress & Exposition (ECCE) conference, Phoenix, AZ 17-22, 20122, participated in panel discussion titled " Innovative designs of drive motors for future hybrid vehicles " CONCLUSION The workshop was successful and its Program can serve as a Model for Future Workshops The workshop Has Led to Integration of Industry –Academic Efforts in Hybrid Technology and Renewable Energy Appendix: Affiliated courses between the two campuses: Articulation of Courses from Arab Academy of Science and Technology Mapping tables for electrical and engineering programs are available and can be requested from the the school of Engineering and Technology, IUPUI

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