Abstract Proposal: OISE-1132804 PI/Institution: Coppersmith, Susan N., University of Wisconsin-Madison

Drs. Susan Coppersmith and Mark Friesen from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in conjunction with Dr. Xuedong Hu from the University of Buffalo propose to establish a collaborative international network with Prof. Belita Koiller from the University of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil to perform investigations of materials suitable for qubits and related applications. A key focus of the proposed work is the research on the effects of silicon's conduction band valleys on spintronic and quantum devices. Recent experiments have shown a greatly enhanced valley splitting at a silicon/silicon-dioxide interface. Several of the investigators in this proposal have shown that surface states can lead to such an enhancement. Thus one goal of the proposed collaborative network is to see if such a mechanism applies more generally which will enable enhanced control of the valley splitting, and in turn could enable quantum devices that can operate at higher temperatures. The experimental effort at Wisconsin will be enhanced by the theoretical work being advanced at Buffalo. The US team will also greatly benefit from the theoretical accomplishments of the Brazilian researchers who under Dr. Koiller have significant expertise in studying quantum physics in solid state materials.

Another benefit from the proposed the international network of investigators is the involvement of US students and post-docs to collaborate and be mentored by Brazilian colleagues with related but distinct expertise on the science of solid-state spintronics and quantum information processing.

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