CoPI: Karen E. Koch (University of Florida - Gainesville)

Collaborators: Carolyn Lawrence (Iowa State University/USDA-ARS) and Marty Sachs (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign/USDA-ARS)

A public resource for functional genomics of maize will be constructed by sequencing and mapping of thousands of transposon insertions in the maize genome. By generating mutations in genes, transposons provide an important tool for dissecting the functions of maize genes. The resource will be based on the UniformMu population. UniformMu is a large inbred maize population developed specifically for transposon mutagenesis of the maize genome. Thousands of unique, heritable transposon insertions in the population will be mapped in the maize genome using Next Generation DNA sequencing technology. The precisely mapped insertions will be searchable online using the genome browser and database tools. Insertions are linked online to high-quality, sustainable seed stocks distributed to the public without charge by the Maize Genetics Cooperation Stock Center ( By achieving the following objectives the project will approximately double the size and genome coverage of the UniformMu resource:

1) Create sustainable seed stocks of 5,760 mutant enriched UniformMu F3 lines for the Maize Genetics Cooperation Stock Center;

2) Map the unique germinal transposon insertions in the F3 lines using Next Generation sequencing methods; and,

3) Enhance public awareness and accessibility of the UniformMu resource via MaizeGDB and the Maize Stock Center.

Broader impacts: The broad relevance of the UniformMu resource is founded on 1) the importance of maize to basic and applied biological research in the US; 2) the uniqueness of the UniformMu resource inside and outside the US as a tool for functional genomics of maize; 3) the breadth of expected usage by the research community including scientists working with other plant species; and, 4) the dissemination of the resource through established community and national resource centers (MaizeGDB, Maize Genetics Cooperation Stock Center and Genbank) ensuring long-term public accessibility and sustainability of the UniformMu resource. In addition, the project provides a rich training environment that engages diverse undergraduates and postdoctoral mentors in integration of large scale field genetics, transposon biology, next generation sequencing technology, bioinformatics and genomics methods. The resource is accessible online at and seed stocks are distributed by the Maize Genetics Cooperation Stock Center ( Consensus sequences used to map the transposon insertions are deposited in Genbank (

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