Proposal Number: 1118318 Institution: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution PI: A. Suchy

The proposal requests one Shipboard Scientific Support item for Woods Hole vessels; namely replacement portable overboarding blocks. These blocks will enhance safety and keep WHOI vessels in compliance with current wire and cable Safe Working Load standards (RVSS, Appendix A) as well as improve science support capabilities.

Broader Impacts: Woods Hole vessels support federally funded scientific research throughout the world?s oceans and routinely expose graduate and undergraduate students to seagoing oceanography. All told, the KNORR, ATLANTIS and OCEANUS are scheduled to complete over 580 NSF sponsored days in 2011.

Project Report

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Project Outcome Report for AWARD #OCE-1118318 WHOI 2011 SSSE Grant 10/012011 through 09/30/2013 Project Outcome and Findings Addressing Intellectual Merit and Broader Impacts: This grant provided the funds to purchase: One .322 Harken Block for R/V Endeavor Two .322 Harken Blocks for R/V Atlantis One .250 Harken Block for R/V Atlantis All blocks were purchased and delivered within the budget of the grant. These blocks are currently in service on both R/V Atlantis and R/V Endeavor. The scientific capabilities of R/Vs Endeavor and Atlantis were significantly enhanced by the funding provided in this grant. Research Vessels go to sea to over-board equipment and instruments to conduct science. The ability to effectively and efficiently over-board such equipment on R/V Endeavor and Atlantis has been significantly improved with the Harken Blocks obtained via this grant. The knowledge gained and the discoveries made by the research programs supported by R/V Atlantis and Knorr enhance the understanding of the oceans and addressed a broad range of important questions in all the scientific disciplines. These broader impacts were achieved through the reliability and effectiveness of the systems upgraded by the funding from this grant. These intellectual endeavors broaden the understanding of the oceans, spur new questions, and confirm scientific theory, benefiting society at large. Having new Harken Blocks cable of rigging CTD wires as well as Hydro wires from both the hydro winches on R/V Atlantis and Endeavor greatly enhances the efficiency and safety of over-boarding packages from both of these UNOLS vessels. Over-boarding equipment and instruments is the primary function of a research vessel and this cannot be done without quality over-boarding blocks. These Harken blocks will support R/Vs Atlantis and Endeavor in meeting mission requirements for years to come.

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