The Principal Investigator proposes to work collaboratively with researchers at Palmer Station to create a suite of 10 drawings titled ?Antarctica: Micro, Macro and In-between,? which will represent multiple perceptions of the Antarctic environment?from a variety of scales--in a triptych format.

A macro view of the Antarctica landscape will present an average person?s view of the natural world ? a panoramic view of the landscape. A second panel will present a microscopic view of the natural world ? a view typically seen only by research scientists. The third panel will be placed between the macro and micro panels. It will present an ?in-between? view of the landscape that ranges from 3 feet to 15 feet in total area. Aspects of the macro and the micro images will be intertwined or layered with this image to create a seamless connection between the broad view and the microscopic view

Project Report

defined two major project activities. The first activity was to occur while at Palmer Station and the second to be carried out in my studio upon my return. The proposal also identified public exhibition of the artwork I created as a result of these activities as a means of connecting a general audience to Antarctica. The first of the two major project activities was further divided into to parts: establish collaborative relationships with scientist conducting research at the station to secure microscopic images related to their research and make photographs of the landscape surrounding the station that would be developed into a minimum of 10 sets of 3 visually related images. These images would serve as visual references for triptych format drawings. While at Palmer, I established collaborative relationships with seven scientists who conduct research at Palmer Station or in other areas in the Antarctic region and through them secured over 280 microscopic images. I also made over 3500 photographs of the Antarctic landscape including broad (macro) and near (in-between) views. This vast number of images was narrowed to 75 and further grouped into 25 sets of 3 corresponding images representing micro, macro and in-between views. This completed the first part of my project. The second part of the project is in progress. I have completed two of the proposed ten triptych format drawings (3 panels in each) using two different sets of correlated images and a third triptych is in progress. The broader impact of the project described in my proposal, to create a new perception and deeper appreciation of the Antarctic environment, will be realized with public exhibition of the artwork upon its completion.

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