We are a team of data scientists that will conduct custom analysis of grant data for individual clients. Our skills in data analysis are complemented by our knowledge of the scientific funding process from working in research organizations in the US, Canada, and Europe. We can quickly answer questions for:


  • What are the emerging research areas topics, and which research grant types and institutes fund them?
  • Which program officers, study sections, and institutes are the best fit for my specific research area?
  • Who are my potential collaborators and competitors and how is their funding changing over time?
  • What are the funding trends specific to my research institution?

Grant-Receiving Institutions

  • What are the funding trends for different groups of researchers by department or technique?
  • How much do the different grant types contribute to total revenue and how will they change in the future?
  • What are the emerging research areas for investment, and who are the best people to hire that contribute the most to them?

Funding Organizations

  • What awards are made by other grant-giving organizations that have similar funding objectives?
  • What are the large-scale trends in funding by specific research topics or groups of investigators?

Sales Representatives

  • In a specific sales territory, what are the most funded research areas and the amounts of funding available?
  • Who are the clients with the most purchasing power?
  • What are growing areas of research that might change the product needs of my clients?

We can help you conduct analysis of any question. Contact us to learn more.