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anonymous on The Rise and Fall of the Dominant Few

The New York schools, like Mount Sinai, are some of the most cutthroat places to work. They have no problem with reducing your salary down to 10% if your grants...

BD on A study to improve the fit of HIV prevention methods

Finally the kind of research that I want my government to pay for! And it is already in the stage of clinical trials. :)

random observer on Seattle-Lausanne-Kampala CTU

This grant has reviewer comments in Abstract! How could it be funded at <10% success rate if 'Reviewers express a strong concern ...

PI on The Rich and the Rest

Looking at the R01 distribution, the trend for 2014 & 2015 does not look that hot.

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julia simons on AMPA receptors: Common role in opiate withdrawal and pain sensitivity

My children were requiring a form yesterday and discovered a document management site that has a huge forms library . If others require it too , here's http://goo.gl/RpNXP0.

Bryan Richards on First and subsequent same-sex sexual satisfaction and behavior in young AAMSM

^this is why no one takes you seriously.

alex on Exploring Mechanisms of Atrial Fibrillation through use of Transgenic Mouse Models

sounds fantastic! good luck!

Pylorelei on San Francisco wins

You have a typo in the first paragraph below the chart--the text reads UC Santa Barbara, but it should be UC Santa Cruz (as shown in the chart).

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Diagnosis, Prognosis and Treatment of hRgr associated Hematopoietic Malignancies
Leonardi, Peter / Omnicyte

OmniCyte, and its collaborative STTR project with NYU Medical Center, were dramatically impacted by the natural disaster, hurricane Sandy. Sandy hit only one month into our project and it is...

Robust and Powerful Test of Candidate Genes to Bone Mass
Deng, Hong-Wen / Tulane University

Osteoporosis is a major public health problem mainly characterized by low bone mineral density (BMD). BMD has a heritability >60%. Under the current funding support (R01AR050496) (8/1/04-3/31/08), we tested a...

Family Dynamics, Fertility, and Investments in Children Across Generations
Sastry, Narayan / University of Michigan Ann Arbor

The Panel Study of Income Dynamics (PSID) is a longitudinal survey of a nationally representative sample of U.S. families that began in 1968. With data collected on the same families...

RUI: Koszul duality of operads and the calculus of functors
Ching, Michael / Amherst College

This project combines two principal areas of current research in homotopy theory: Goodwillie's calculus of homotopy functors and operad theory. The overall goal is to understand the universal structure possessed...

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Unc Imsd
Cook, Jeanette Gowen / University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

The goal of the UNC-IMSD program is to increase the number of underrepresented (UR) students that attain PhDs in biomedical disciplines and continue on to successful scientific careers. We see...

Resource in Education in Microbiology and Immunology
Lord, Edith M. / University of Rochester

The long term goal of this PREP is to recruit and prepare students from underrepresented groups for careers in the biomedical sciences. We will build on our already successful program...

The Combinatorial Design of Protein Molecular Switches
Ostermeier, Marc A. / Johns Hopkins University

Proteins that behave as switches hold great promise as selective protein therapeutics. Previous studies by the PI have demonstrated that protein switches can be engineered by creating a large number...

Intercellular Communication and Oocyte Polarity
Deng, Wu-Min / Florida State University

Notch-mediated cell-cell communication is crucial for many developmental and pathological processes- dysregulation of Notch signaling is frequently linked to developmental defects, cancer and other human diseases. Notch pathway activity must...

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In it to win it
Pathway to scientific independence by the NIH K99 award

In it to win it

The postdoctoral training period is nearly essential for all research scientists who aspire to lead a research laboratory in a university or non-profit research center. To characterize the transition of scientists from postdoc to established PI, we previously conducted an analysis of how many postdocs with a NIH-sponsored F32 fellowship went on to become PIs of a R-esearch grant. In 2006, NIH int...

Odds of success
Survival analysis of NIH grant applicants at top institutions

Odds of success

Previously, we calculated the fraction of the R01 grant pool that each institution has obtained in 2013, and how this fraction has changed over time. We now wanted to perform a complementary analysis, determining institutional variability in the length of time that individual PIs are able to maintain NIH grant funding. This analysis would be of interest to university administrators who want to rec...

The Perfect Blueprint
Abstract similarities across many grants

The Perfect Blueprint

In our database, for any grant we report "Related Projects" that are renewals of ongoing projects from individual investigators. We wanted to improve this by identifying "Related Projects" more generally in which we group different grants based on the text in the abstract. We analyzed the similarities of 2013 NIH grant abstracts with lengths of at least 100 words (disregarding the public health r...

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