. The Administrative Core, comprising the Director, the Program Coordinator and the administrative manager, will provide oversight for the program. They will prepare and administer all aspects of the budget and provide progress reports to the NIH. They will provide support to the other four cores of the Center, and oversee compliance with biosafety regulations, as well as the security of materials, data and facilities. Administrative support personnel will also perform day-to-day activities and operations of the Center such as organization of seminars, outreach activities and point of contact for questions from the scientific community and general public. Program Director Fiehn and Coordinator Wikoff will provide overall management of the West Coast Central Comprehensive Metabolomics Resource Core. They will implement monthly Steering Committee meetings as platform for core leaders to share developments and services, research progress and new applications. The Administrative Core will oversee the overall budget, technical services, outreach activities, and establish a reasonable cost-recovery fee schedule including campus approvals, and manage workflow records. The Administrative Core will coordinate data and information transfer to the Data Center (DRCC) and serve as a liaison to NIH, campus administration, other campus units, and other RCMRCs. They will monitor and regularly review the quality of services and prepare progress reports. The Center Director will assume overall responsibility for the timely conduct of research and outreach services and ensure annual milestones are met In order to maintain detailed information on all activities, the Administrative Core will implement a central LIMS system for all samples that are received in the Center for service activities or Pilot &Feasibility projects. The LIMS system will be used to summarize services and advancement projects taking place in each core. Importantly, the Core will also provide web services and metabolomic information. The Administrative Core will develop and maintain a website for the RCMRC that links to the NIH Common Fund website for the Metabolomics Program. The Center web site will be organized by a content management system to provide direct access for the Core leaders to upload content to the Core's services and projects. The web site will provide overviews on all services rendered by the Center as a one-stop site, including tutorials and videos.

Public Health Relevance

Good management is critical for success of centers and consortia. In order to provide cutting-edge services to the scientific community, including education of the general public through web-based tutorials on metabolism and metabolic diseases such as diabetes, this management team will enable the overall Center to provide tool developments, advancements and applications of comprehensive analysis of metabolism.

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