The acquisition of the ORION Nanofab, a Multi-beam (Ga, Ne, He,) Ion Microscope for Nanomaterials Modification and Investigation, will significantly upgrade the capabilities at the University of Californian Berkeley campus and to outside users interested in ion microscopy. The instrument will be housed at a multiuser facility on campus as a multi-user device. The three ion beams Ga, Ne and He will allow for not just high resolution ion imaging but also virtually damage-free nanofabrication and ion patterning while also enabling direct He or Ne implantation studies. This instrument combines fast ion milling using the Ga beam with a precise fine milling utilizing either Ne or the He beam while being usable as helium ion microscope (HIM) for high resolution imaging. The instrument will be used for patterning in polymers, imaging of biomaterials, fabrication of optical antennas, imaging cell structures, modifying grapheme structures, enabling nano-scale heat transfer studies, quantitative characterization of near-field energy transfer, in-situ He implantation, or for the manufacturing of damage-free and site-specific TEM (transmission electron microscopy), APT (atom probe tomography) and nanoscale specimens for further investigation. The device marks a new generation of nanofabrication tools with wide applicability and unprecedented resolution and accuracy. The novelty of this device will also have a substantial impact on teaching at U.C. Berkeley as well as cutting-edge demonstrations for students and outside interested personnel.

Nontechnical Abstract

This Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) Program grant supports the acquisition of a Multi-beam (Ga, Ne, He,) Microscope for Nanomaterials Modification and Investigation at the University of California at Berkeley. This tool will allow for advanced characterization of nanoscale structures ranging from Biology, Chemistry, Geoscience, Materials Science, Physics and Mechanical, Electrical, Mining and Nuclear Engineering. In addition, the instrument will allow for materials modification at the nanoscale with unprecedented precision and little damage to the material. The instrument utilizes three different beams of ions allowing the user to select the right beam for the right application and material. The instrument has extremely wide applicability and will be installed as a multi-user tool incorporated into a UC Berkeley user center accessible to scientists, engineers and interested personnel nationwide. This instrument marks a new generation of ion beam microscopes and nanofabrication tools allowing for the investigation and modification of matter at the smallest scales. The tool will also be used to demonstrate to the general public cutting-edge applications of nanoscale science and technology using a "seeing is believing" approach. This instrument will also have be used in teaching to students in the areas mentioned above by incorporation of real life examples and demonstrations.

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