Proposal Number: 1119997 Institution: San Jose State University, Moss Landing Marine Labs PI: S. Lamerdin Co-PI: K. Coale

The proposal requests two Shipboard Scientific Support Equipment (SSSE) items for the San Jose State University, Moss Landing Marine Labs (MLML) for use aboard the R/V POINT SUR; namely a new workboat davit and associated vessel modifications, and new liferafts. Both items will enhance safety and provide greatly improved support capabilities to science.

Broader Impacts: The R/V POINT SUR supports federally funded scientific research in the Pacific Northwest in order to expand human knowledge of the ocean environment. During operations, the vessel routinely exposes graduate and undergraduate students to seagoing oceanography. Pubic outreach is also achieved through the State?s Center for Integrative Coastal Observation, Research and Education program (CI-CORE) and the Alliance for Coastal Technologies program (ACT), real-time satellite connectivity from ship to shore, and open house events. The POINT SUR is scheduled to complete over 60 NSF sponsored days in 2011.

Project Report

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Matthew J. Hawkins
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