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anonymous on The Rise and Fall of the Dominant Few

The New York schools, like Mount Sinai, are some of the most cutthroat places to work. They have no problem with reducing your salary down to 10% if your grants...

BD on A study to improve the fit of HIV prevention methods

Finally the kind of research that I want my government to pay for! And it is already in the stage of clinical trials. :)

random observer on Seattle-Lausanne-Kampala CTU

This grant has reviewer comments in Abstract! How could it be funded at <10% success rate if 'Reviewers express a strong concern ...

PI on The Rich and the Rest

Looking at the R01 distribution, the trend for 2014 & 2015 does not look that hot.

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Cassandra Leigh Williamson on Understanding Mental Health Problems and Health Risk Behaviors among LGBT Veterans

I am so very glad you are conducting this study. Thanks! Cassandra Williamson My pronouns: she/her/hers post-op transgender veteran

Chris Biomatters on The Impact of Early Medical Treatment in Transgender Youth

Very sad, considering a THE study on adults - Swedish study indicates that post medical transition, suicide rates increased 20 times the average. So, you are putting these children on...

Lisa Isham on The Spine Phenome Project: Enabling Technology for Personalized Medicine

I had a car wreck in 1995.Ruptured L4 L-5. Finally had surgery July 1996. Pain was unbearable. 2014 had to finally get the rupture in neck fixed same car wreck...

Mark M. Rubenstein, M.D. on AHCC for the Treatment of HPV Infections to Prevent Cancer

Mark M. Rubenstein, M.D. • 2 minutes ago After having had nine surgeries for HPV mediated vocal chord papillomatosis, on the advice of Dr. Judith A. Smith, I took 3...

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Proteolytic Pathways in Thrombus Resolution
Antalis, Toni M. / Baltimore VA Medical Center

Background / Rationale: Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and its complications are a significant source of morbidity and mortality among Americans, and have increased in the Veteran population over the last...

Aripiprazole to reduce methamphetamine use among MSM with high-risk HIV behaviors
Coffin, Phillip O. / Public Health Foundation Enterprises

Population-based surveys estimate that the prevalence of methamphetamine (meth) use is 20 times higher among men who have sex with men (MSM) compared to the general population. Meth-associated sexual risk...

Imaging dopamine transmission in cannabis dependence
Abi-Dargham, Anissa / Columbia University (N.Y.)

Cannabis use is very prevalent especially in adolescence. Its widespread use is partially related to the concept of being somewhat harmless as compared to other drugs of abuse. Yet cannabis...

Neural and Behavioral Impact of T Cell Activation
Kusnecov, Alexander W. / Rutgers University

Neuropsychiatric problems can result from cytokine immunotherapy. This may reflect differences in the way the brain responds to exogenous cytokines as opposed to endogenous cytokines elicited by antigens as part...

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In vivo characterization of opioid biased agonists
Paronis, Carol A.; Bergman, Jack / Mclean Hospital

1 The ongoing opioid crisis has led to renewed concerns about the clinical prescription of addictive opioid 2 analgesics. However, there currently are no suitable alternatives for treating severe or...

Device assisted exercises for improving soft palate and Eustachian tube function in children between ages 6-17 with or without cleft palate and with ventilation tubes
Jabbour, Noel / University of Pittsburgh

Previous studies performed in our laboratory have identified functional variables and examined their effects on Eustachian tube (ET) opening. Specifically, frame-by-frame image analysis of nasopharyngeal (NP) video endoscopy recorded during...

Nonlinear Photoacoustic Response from Functionalized Gold and Metal Oxide Nanostructures
Cha, Jennifer N.; Goodwin, Andrew P.; Murray, Todd / University of Colorado at Boulder

This research will focus on designing new interfacial coatings for gold nanorods with unprecedented sensitivity, imaging depth, and resolution for photoacoustic imaging (PAI). In typical contrast-enhanced PAI, pulsed laser light...

Nuclease free gene editing approaches to treat alpha-1 antitrypsin disease
Mueller, Christian; Flotte, Terence R. / University of Massachusetts Medical School Worcester

Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency (AATD) is a common genetic disorder that can lead to both liver and lung disease and currently affects an estimated 3.4 million patients worldwide. Alpha-1 antitrypsin (AAT)...

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In it to win it
Pathway to scientific independence by the NIH K99 award

In it to win it

The postdoctoral training period is nearly essential for all research scientists who aspire to lead a research laboratory in a university or non-profit research center. To characterize the transition of scientists from postdoc to established PI, we previously conducted an analysis of how many postdocs with a NIH-sponsored F32 fellowship went on to become PIs of a R-esearch grant. In 2006, NIH int...

Odds of success
Survival analysis of NIH grant applicants at top institutions

Odds of success

Previously, we calculated the fraction of the R01 grant pool that each institution has obtained in 2013, and how this fraction has changed over time. We now wanted to perform a complementary analysis, determining institutional variability in the length of time that individual PIs are able to maintain NIH grant funding. This analysis would be of interest to university administrators who want to rec...

The Perfect Blueprint
Abstract similarities across many grants

The Perfect Blueprint

In our database, for any grant we report "Related Projects" that are renewals of ongoing projects from individual investigators. We wanted to improve this by identifying "Related Projects" more generally in which we group different grants based on the text in the abstract. We analyzed the similarities of 2013 NIH grant abstracts with lengths of at least 100 words (disregarding the public health r...

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