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The Anti-Apoptotic Protein Bcl-Xl Enhances Neuronal Metabolism
Jonas, Elizabeth Ann / Marine Biological Laboratory

This subproject is one of many research subprojects utilizing the resources provided by a Center grant funded by NIH/NCRR. The subproject and investigator (PI) may have received primary funding from...

Drug Free Communities Support Program
Cushing, Judith / Oregon Partnership

Core - Technology Transfer and Outreach
Scrudato, Ronald J. / State University of New York at Albany

The Technology Transfer and outreach Core will promote communication among the residents of the Akwesasne, the industries responsible for local pollution and the governmental agencies responsible for ongoing remediation activities....

Modulation of Ap Endonuclease by Aging/Oxidative Stress
Mitra, Sankar / University of Texas Medical Br Galveston

Endo- and exogenous reactive oxygen species (ROS) are intimately involved in aging/senescence. In addition to their role in gene activation, these are invariable genotoxic, and induce a multitude of mutagenic...

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HIV, HCV, Hippo, and Liver Disease Progression
Chung, Raymond T. / Massachusetts General Hospital

Coinfection with HCV occurs in approximately 30% of HIV-positive persons. It has been well recognized that HIV infection accelerates liver fibrosis progression in the setting of HCV coinfection, although the...

Serial Killers to Mosquitos: The Spatial Targeting of Larval habitats in rural Uganda using geographic Profiling
Boyce, Ross Mathew / University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

The widespread deployment of vector control measures, such as long-lasting insecticidal nets (LLIN), has resulted in significant declines in the global burden of malaria. Yet, these strategies alone are insufficient...

Bayesian modeling of mood-driven decision biases for predicting clinical outcome
Harle, Katia / VA San Diego Healthcare System

Depressive symptoms, including negative self-focused emotions (e.g., sadness, guilt), make trauma- exposed Veterans vulnerable to developing depressive pathology and substance use disorders (SUD). Both conditions are in turn linked to...

Cognitive Training as a Novel Neuroscience-based Treatment for PTSD
Bomyea, Jessica / VA San Diego Healthcare System

Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a chronic, disabling condition that occurs in a subgroup of individuals after experiencing traumatic stress, and is common in Veterans seeking mental health treatment at...

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In it to win it
Pathway to scientific independence by the NIH K99 award

In it to win it

The postdoctoral training period is nearly essential for all research scientists who aspire to lead a research laboratory in a university or non-profit research center. To characterize the transition of scientists from postdoc to established PI, we previously conducted an analysis of how many postdocs with a NIH-sponsored F32 fellowship went on to become PIs of a R-esearch grant. In 2006, NIH int...

Odds of success
Survival analysis of NIH grant applicants at top institutions

Odds of success

Previously, we calculated the fraction of the R01 grant pool that each institution has obtained in 2013, and how this fraction has changed over time. We now wanted to perform a complementary analysis, determining institutional variability in the length of time that individual PIs are able to maintain NIH grant funding. This analysis would be of interest to university administrators who want to rec...

The Perfect Blueprint
Abstract similarities across many grants

The Perfect Blueprint

In our database, for any grant we report "Related Projects" that are renewals of ongoing projects from individual investigators. We wanted to improve this by identifying "Related Projects" more generally in which we group different grants based on the text in the abstract. We analyzed the similarities of 2013 NIH grant abstracts with lengths of at least 100 words (disregarding the public health r...

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