The purpose of this study is to treat patients with metastatic brain tumors using Gadolinium Texaphyrin (PCI-0120) injection two to five hours before radiation treatments for ten consecutive days (excluding weekends and holidays); to establish an appropriate intravenous dose of Gadolinium Texaphyrin (PCI-0120) Injection; to determine the maximum tolerated total dose (MTD) of Gadolinium Texaphyrin (PCI-0120) Injection for palliative radiation therapy of metastases to the brain; to evaluate an additional 20 patients at the MTD to establish the safety profile of Gadolinium Texaphyrin (PCI-0120) Injection; to evaluate accumulation of Gadolinium Texaphyrin (PCI-0120) Injection in metastases and changes in tumor volume (i.e., response to treatment); to determine the dose limiting toxicity of repetitive doses of Gadolinium Texaphyrin (PCI-0120) Injection, where each dose is followed by a radiation treatment, in patients with metastatic cancer to the brain; to determine the biolocalization of Gadolinium Texaphyrin (PCI-0120) Injection in cancer (e.g., brain metastases) and normal tissue(s) (e.g., brain tissue), and the change in cancer volume, using MRI and the high (white) signal intensity Gadolinium Texaphyrin (PCI-0120) Injection produces on MRI scans; and to determine the in vivo pharmacokinetics of Gadolinium Texaphyrin (PCI-0120) injection in patients treated at the MTD.

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