The overall goals of this proposal are to develop a center which will foster research concerning the role of ethanol on: (1) cellular immune function in animal models, (2) immunosuppression and development of acquired immunodeficiency diseases including retrovirus infection, and (3) mechanisms of liver toxicity via immunomodulation. Our approaches involve a multidisciplinary, basic science-oriented, research effort. It will develop an alcohol research center and include: 1) The relationships of alcohol use, retrovirus infection, immunomodulation and AIDS development to: - determine alcohol's effects on death rates - investigate in depth alcohol's actions on immune functions in mice with various levels of alcohol intake. - study in detail the immunological changes due to alcohol as a cofactor during retroviral infection on resistance to other pathogens. - determine ways to stimulate ethanol-suppressed host defenses and disease resistance during retroviral infection. 2) The use of well-defined animal model systems to: - determine interactions between alcohol use, nutritional stresses, immunoarchitecture changes and the resulting changes in resistance to murine retrovirus. - investigate the long-term effects of alcohol to modulate cellular immune functions as they correlate with enhancement of chemically- induced liver cancer in rats. - determine the role of toxin and alcohol-altered Kupffer cell functions in liver damage in rats. -study alcohol's effects on sinusoidal permeability, tissue oxygenation, cell migration in lymph. - measure and study host defense function of macrophages and Kupffer cells in vivo including in vivo microscopy as modified by ethanol and retroviral disease.

National Institute of Health (NIH)
National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA)
Specialized Center (P50)
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