FC Form 7 FL SBR 9313289 PI Collier / SSorin-Chaikov _________________________________________________________________ This dissertation research proposal by a Russian student at Stanford received very enthusiastic reviews. The student has received some funding from the Wenner Gren foundation. I calculated that about $2,898 of his budget was not covered by his other funding. Dr. Noel Broadbent (DPP) was disposed to co-fund this project, but with such a small award it hardly makes sense to split the funding. The student is already in Russia doing his research, but his adviser will visit him in the field and will bring him the equipment that NSF is funding. (Dr. Broadbent, who has experience doing research in polar regions, felt that the request for $150 for a parka was not justified.) I recommend that this proposal be funded. DAMmmm d, yyyy PG 9313289 Collier This project involves the dissertation research of a Russian native student of cultural anthropology getting his Phd from Stanford University. The project studies the role of the Soviet state in transforming notions of ethnicity and fair economic exchange among a group of forest hunters and reindeer herders of Subarctic Siberia. Using archival research and ethnographic methods, the student will investigate the growth of ethnic solidarity and out-group discrimination in this local society, and the relation of these value changes to the local group's incorporation into the larger Russian economy. This kind of research is important because the growth of local ethnic identities and ethnic-based discrimination is an ugly fact of life in many regions of the world. In-depth case studies such as this one can reveal the role of the central state in fomenting ethnic distinctions, and can help decision makers formulate policies to moderate the problems and conflicts such discrimination causes. *** LBRV 4 LBLG STU LBCD 07C9090E LBCT 0E1C360C LBAU STU LBMD 07C90A0D LBMT 101F2817 LBRP LBPJ LBCM LBKY "

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