The Chemical Structure, Dynamics and Mechanisms Program supports Professor Timothy M. Dore at the University of Georgia who will explore the mechanism of photodeprotection and optimize the sensitivity of photoremovable protecting groups (PPG) that are sensitive to two-photon excitation (2PE). A host of spectroscopic techniques will be used to study quinoline and other PPG with sensitivity to 2PE. These materials have the potential to be used to photoregulate the action of biological effectors. Optimizing their photochemical properties for biological applications requires a good understanding of the photodeprotection reaction mechanism. The study will expand the base of photoprotecting groups available, as well as carry out photophysical and photochemical studies aimed at providing an improved understanding of the mechanism by which the systems operate. The research in this proposal will enable the development of novel tools and techniques to apply to fundamental scientific questions in neuroscience, developmental biology, biochemistry, physiology, and medicinal chemistry.

With the support of the Chemical Structure, Dynamics and Mechanisms Program in the Chemistry Division at the National Science Foundation, Dr. Timothy M. Dore will prepare appropriate chemical compounds and understand the photophysical characteristics that will make them useful in two-photon excitation for precise 3-D control of biological processes. In addition to the broader impact of the relationship of the work to the biological sciences, the inclusion of undergraduate researchers is a major strength of the proposal. The multidisciplinary nature of this research provides an excellent medium to integrate research and education and to train students to become outstanding scholars with a depth of understanding of organic chemistry and photochemistry. Undergraduate students, including those from underrepresented groups, play a major role in the research. The PI has trained over 25 undergraduates and many are coauthors on articles and manuscripts and have matriculated into doctoral programs. The research plan includes the participation of underrepresented groups in science.

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