The research objective of this Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Program project is to elucidate the effects of process-induced thermomechanical loading magnitude and duration on cell damage in laser-assisted living cell direct writing. Using a laser-assisted living cell direct-write technology, this research will 1) model the process-induced thermomechanical loading magnitude and duration during cell droplet formation and landing processes; 2) model the cell post-transfer viability by understanding the mechanistic correlation between cell damage/viability and process-induced thermomechanical loading magnitude and duration; and 3) calibrate and validate the mechanistic cell viability model based on cell death measurements. The educational objective is to promote engineering through biomedical manufacturing innovations. Key education activities include providing outreach to high school students through an e-museum, Machining the Body: Young Machinist, including a Young Investigator Video series and developing and disseminating educational materials for high education in biomedical manufacturing.

If successful, this study will contribute towards an understanding of the dynamics of laser-assisted cell droplet formation and landing processes and the effects of process-induced thermomechanical loading on cell damage/viability. The resulting mechanistic cell viability model will elucidate an understanding of process-induced cell damage caused by jet-based direct writing. Broader impacts of this study are multifaceted. The safe and efficient implementation of cell direct writing enables its wide application in both organ printing and rapid prototyping of cell-based products. Society will benefit from these new on-demand organ manufacturing and cell seeding-related health technologies, and this study will foster research collaboration between manufacturing science and biomedical research. The integration of education with biomedical manufacturing research will attract underrepresented and minority students and promote engineering to a broader population.

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