9633638 Roytburd This combined theory and experiment research project aims for a rigorous theoretical understanding and experimental verification of strain controlled structural modulation(cooperative ordering) in epitaxial systems. Fundamental aspects of solid state transformation under coherently constrained conditions in metal oxides such as perovskites will be studied with respect to understanding the mechanisms and kinetic parameters of the transformations, and with respect to developing new routes to the design and realization of transversely modulated domain and heterophase microstructures inside heterostructure and superlattice layers. The correlation of transversal modulations in layers of superlattices and possibility of 3-dimensional superlattices will be explored. The thermodynamics and kinetics of the evolution of modulated structures in solid-solid phase transformations will be studied specifically in ferroelectric, ferroelastic, and ferromagnetic transformations. %%% The project is multidisciplinary combining fundamental materials theory and experimental synthesis and processing studies with advanced characterization tools and analysis methods to address forefront issues in a topical area of technological relevance and high potential payoff. The research will contribute basic materials science knowledge at a fundamental level to several aspects of advanced electronic devices and integrated circuitry. The knowledge and understanding gained from this research project is expected to contribute in a general way to improving the performance of advanced devices and circuits by providing a fundamental understanding and a basis for designing and producing improved materials, and materials combinations. An important feature of the program is the integration of research and education through the training of students in a fundamentally and technologically significant area. ***

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