On the occasion of Sergei Kuznetsov's 60th birthday, the principal investigators will organize a conference on superprocesses and nonlinear differential equations to take place June 2010 at the University of Colorado, Boulder. The plan is for a two and one-half day conference. Each of the first two full days will feature four (hour) lectures, two each morning, two in the afternoon. Each afternoon will also feature three short talks by junior researchers. Further, the second day will culminate with an open problem session. On the final day of the workshop there will be two morning talks and a planned outing in the afternoon.

Project Report

In June 2010, a mathematical conference called "Advances in superprocesses and nonlinear partial differential equations" was held at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Superprocesses are mathematical (probabilistic) models for a population that moves in space and is also subject to breeding and annihilation. The environment in which the population moves can be deterministic or random. These models are widely used in biological population models. Nonlinear partial differential equations are basic tools in natural and social sciences (physics, chemistry, biology, sociology) and there is a particular class of them that is intimately connected to the above probabilistic models. One of the occasions for the conference was the 60th birthday of a leading researcher in the field, Prof. Sergei Kuznetsov who is a faculty at Boulder. The conference was organized by Janos Englander and Brian Rider, and there were 10 invited speakers and also several young scientists (PhD students and post doctoral scholars) attended the conference. Among the invited speakers were two members of the National Academy of Sciences and several world famous mathematicians, both from the US and Europe. Five junior researchers, supported by grants, gave contributed talks. After the conference Springer contacted the organizers and offered the publication of the conference proceedings. The volume was published in 2013: "Advances in Superprocesses and Nonlinear PDEsEditors" by Janos Englander and Brian Rider, ISBN: 978-1-4614-6239-2 (Print) 978-1-4614-6240-8 (Online). Finally, the following participants were supported by the grant: Zhen-Qing Chen (U. Washington), professor Donald Dawson (Carleton, Ottawa), professor Eugene B. Dynkin (Cornell), professor Steve N. Evans (UC Berkeley), professor Patrick J. Fitzsimmons (UC San Diego), professor Klaus Fleischmann (Weierstrass Institute, Berlin), senior researcher Simon C. Harris (Bath, UK), professor Andreas E. Kyprianou (Bath, UK), professor Rinaldo Schinazi (University of Colorado, Colorado Springs), professor Ming Fang (U. Minnesota), postdoc Dominik Reinhold (U. North Carolina), postdoc Gerónimo Uribe Bravo (UC Berkeley), postdoc Hardeep Gill (U. British Columbia), Ph.D student Sivaditya Kaligotla (U. Southern California), Ph.D student (Daniel Stroock, MIT, professor, was not supported because his talk was scheduled after the deadline.)

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