This award provides support to defray expenses of participants in the 27th edition of the South Eastern Analysis Meeting (SEAM) on the campus of the University of Florida, March 17 through March 19, 2011. The SEAM conferences bring together both experienced and junior researchers, including graduate students, and postdocs to discuss recent work and advances in operator theory and function theory and related subjects, including their applications and connections to other areas of mathematics such as operator algebras, engineering systems and scattering theory, control theory, several complex variables, semi-algebraic geometry, and optimization. The purpose of this meeting is to disseminate and exchange the latest ideas and developments in the vibrant and active areas of operator theory and function theory and related subjects while encouraging the participation and professional development of both junior members of the operator theory community and members of groups underrepresented in mathematics. The program consists of plenary talks by leaders both senior and junior and twenty minute contributed talks. The contributed talks are hallmark of SEAM and many are given by younger mathematicians.

In accordance with SEAM tradition, priority for funding and speaking opportunities will be given to graduate students and other young researchers as well as members of groups underrepresented in mathematics. The professional development and integration of a diverse group of researchers into the analysis community are anticipated impacts of the project. Scientifically, there is potential for advances in function theory and operator theory and their related disciplines and areas of application in mathematics and its client disciplines.

Project Report

The South Eastern Analysis Meeting is a leading conference for the mathematics at the intersection of Operator Theory and Complex Analysis. Despite its name, it is internationally recognized and attracts participants from across the United States. Operator Theory grew out of the work of von Neumann on Quantum Mechanics and is an integral part of Mathematical Physics. It is also a key component in Systems and Control Theory, the engineering technology behind automatic controllers such as autopilots. Complex Analysis is ubiquitous in mathematics and its applications. For instance, it is at the foundations of both Fluid Dynamics and Electrical Engineering. In addition to its scientific focus, the meetings have a significant history of contributing to the professional development of the next generation of research mathematicians. They have provided significant travel support and speaking opportunities for graduate students, postdoctoral associates, and junior faculty members, and a forum for junior researchers to interact with more senior researchers in a friendly and supportive environment. The South Eastern Analysis Meeting is held annually in the Spring at a University in the southeast. The 27th edition took place on the campus of the University of Florida from the morning of March 17 through the afternoon of March 19, 2011. The format of the conference consisted of 10 featured talks by leading mathematicians, 50 shorter talks given in parallel sessions, and time for informal discussions. There were 98 registered participants, of which more than 40 were either graduate students, postdoctoral associates, or junior faculty.

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