This project undertakes steps to allow The Chemical Educator, now in its seventh volume, to transition from a commercially based chemical education journal to a nonprofit journal. New efforts are being undertaken to increase awareness of The Chemical Educator and its benefits to those in the educational community. These efforts include consistent promotion of the journal through advertising, direct mailings, and presentations at educationally oriented meetings and symposiums. In addition, efforts are being made to continue to increase the number of submissions and the published page counts. For example, articles are being solicited for a new emphasis on research in teaching and learning and for a new laboratory section. With increased exposure and with increased submissions, we expect to increase the number of subscribers to make The Chemical Educator self-supporting. The Chemical Educator is a needed alternative journal for the timely dissemination of chemical-education-oriented articles. Focusing on rapid publication, quality articles, and assistance to authors, as well as features only available using the Internet, The Chemical Educator provides unique publishing opportunities. The Chemical Educator, published since 1996, was the first chemical education journal to utilize the Internet for delivery of articles and was one of the first electronic journals to be abstracted by the American Chemical Society's Chemical Abstract Service. The journal uses all available technology to provide educators with the necessary information needed to disseminate improvements and ensure continual improvement of chemical education methodologies. Working to complement other journal offerings in the field of chemical education, The Chemical Educator continues to serve the chemical education community as a quality forum for the dissemination of chemical education materials.

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