RF/Microwave components and devices using micro-/nano machined metamaterial:

The objectives of this research are (1) to investigate and implement low loss, multidimensional high quality metamaterials using advanced micromachining and nanotechnology, and (2) to translate the developed metamaterial technologies to highly efficient, compact, and multifunctional radio frequency (RF) devices and components. Metamaterials due to their unique properties have a potential to drastically impact RF devices. Compact and multifunctional metamaterial RF devices have recently emerged. However, several unsolved issues hamper the practical applications of current metamaterial technology: reduction of material loss, construction of three dimensional (3-D) structures, and development of cost-effective fabrication processes.

The intellectual merit for this research includes: 1) a novel air-lifted architecture and a lateral nano lamination conductor architecture to respectively reduce dielectric loss and conductor loss of metamaterials, 2) the development of 3-D micro-/nano fabrication technique development, and 3) a new class of multifunctional RF devices utilizing the developed metamaterials such as a flexible invisibililty cloak, a compact low loss dual band coupler, and a compact high efficient dual band antenna. The envisioned micro-/nano machined metamaterial and its RF device applications will provide a major breakthrough in the field.

The broad impacts of the proposal include integrated education and research at various fronts, such as new courses, minority and undergraduate research support, and outreach activities at the University at Buffalo. Also supported will be an on-line course encompassing three State University of New York campuses. The technical and societal impacts of this research will occur in diverse areas such as telecommunications, defense, microelectronics, and medical imaging.

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