The objective of this program is to unravel the science, and realize the technological potential of 2D crystal semiconductors focused on future generations of electronic devices.

The intellectual merit is in the development of the science of controlled crystal growth of a range of new atomically thin 2D crystals and in the understanding of their physical properties. The electronic transport properties in 2D crystal semiconductors are currently not well understood. Yet, coupled with electrostatics, it is the key to device applications. Thus, this project aims directly at developing a thorough understanding of the transport properties of electrons in 2D crystal semiconductors through a combined experimental and modeling approach. The demonstration of their usage in large area, light, flexible and transparent high-performance electronic switches will be a transformative technology.

The broader impacts are through an outreach program that effectively exploits the excitement and exceptional promise of the fledgling field, one where newcomers can make significant and lasting contributions. The proposed project involves several students. The theoretically oriented students will be involved in the project at the level of simulations of energy band diagrams and device structures. The experimentally inclined students will be involved in measurements of 2D crystal semiconductor properties and analysis. They will work directly with the PostDoctoral scholars, and the PIs by attending meetings and presenting their work. The project will result in the training of graduate students in a fascinating problem and its many fundamental consequences for electronic and optical devices. In additional to expanding the existing outreach programs that the PIs are orchestrating, two new activities are proposed with a special focus on the underrepresented groups: 1) experimental demonstration of nanoscale scanning probe techniques at the Expanding Your Horizon workshops where young school girls gather for their early exposure to how science and technology are employed in various careers, and 2) research projects designed for the women undergraduate students under the Dual Degree Program at the St. Mary?s College. The dissemination of research results by publications and presentations at conferences, and its inclusion in courses taught by the investigators will ensure the outreach of the research proposed to the widest possible audience.

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