9320390 DeRose This award is for the purchase of a state-of-the-art high-performance graphics workstation which will be dedicated to support research in computer and information science and engineering. The equipment will be used for the following research projects in interactive modeling and visualization: (1) Geometric design optimization, (2) Multiresolution geometry, (3) Controlled-precision photorealistic image synthesis, (4) Computer-generated illustration, and (5) The see-through interface. These projects are motivated by a common theme: to develop tools for exploring extremely complex environments and datasets such as those encountered in engineering design, medical imaging, and physical simulation. The projects couple two powerful techniques: multiresolution analysis and interactivity. Multiresolution analysis provides a mathematical framework for representing varying levels of detail in different regions of the data. Interactivity allows a user to dynamically choose the regions of the data where a detailed representation is required. Together, these techniques allow substantial performance gains, since in most applications high fidelity is required over only a small portion of the overall dataset. Even with these algorithmic performance gains, the interactive graphical systems will still require fast CPUs, tightly coupled with high-performance graphics hardware, in order to manipulate the multiresolution representations, as well as to update the visual display in real time. It is expected that such hardware will be relatively inexpensive and commonplace in the next five to ten years. However, since there is a well-recognized qualitative difference between real-time interactivity and batch-mode simulation, attempting to simulate the interactive methods of the near future on less-powerful hardware is essentially futile. It is, therefore, essential to acquire a high-performance graphics workstation. *** TERMINALEXE @ j E B TERMINALHLP @ j 9320390 DeRose This award is for the purchase of a state-of-the-art high-performance graphics workstation which will be ded 4 > Z _ a / 4 $ $ $ $ G 4 > 4 Times Symbol " Helvetica Chicago Times New Roman & Arial 5 Courier New R ZapfDingbats Palatino Greek GenMath MathMeteor MT Extra " 9 e9 e : DeRose/Washington Mark Purvis Mark Purvis

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