ABSTRACT NARRATIVE Description: This proposal supports the collaboration of Dr. Rex F. Pratt of Wesleyan University and Dr. Jubrail F. Rahil, Dean, Faculty of Science, Bethlehem University. The proposed research is to study the chemistry of the interactions of betalactam antibiotics with two groups of bacterial enzymes. There appears good reason to believe the two groups are evolutionarily related. A portion of the research will be to determine those similarities. The goal of this project is to explore the ability of class A betalactamse to catalyse the common reactions of the two enzymes. The knowledge gained in this research will be compared with other classes of betalatamse in their reactions to betalactam antibiotics. Scope: This proposal will bring a recently U.S. trained (1982) PhD., who is now a Dean of Faculty of Science of a Middle East university, to participate in nearly a year of important research in the laboratory of a well regarded U.S. bio-organic chemist. The research will broaden Dr. Rahil's experience in enzymology in a more medicinal and pharmaceutical direction. His work in this project should bolster his own research upon his return to Bethlehem University as well as increase his value as teacher and his capabilities in performing community service in his homeland. This proposal does meet the objectives of the Science in Developing Countries Program of advancing the international exchange of scientific knowledge and does contribute to the enhancement of science in a developing country.

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