This PFI: AIR Technology Translation project focuses on translating the first wireless, fully programmable, implantable micro infusion pump with integrated dose tracking for closed-loop control to fill the current technology gap in drug administration technology for small animals research. The translated technology has the following unique features: sensors for electronic real time confirmation of actual delivery and dosed volumes, wireless operation capable of accessing a wide dynamic range of flow rates, and form factor suitable for use in mice that provides exemplary performance, efficiency, and efficacy, when compared to the leading competing infusion technologies, whether implantable or not, in this market space. The project accomplishes this goal by integrating wireless circuitry for controlling infusion and tracking doses into a tiny form factor suitable for use in a miniaturized infusion pump resulting in a working prototype closed-loop implantable infusion system that will be demonstrated at the benchtop. The partnership engages Stevens Center for Innovation, Viterbi Student Institute for Innovation, Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, and industry partners (Fluid Synchrony, SAI Infusion Technologies, and Charles River) to provide guidance in the drug delivery technology space and other aspects of commercialization, manufacturing, and financing as they pertain to the potential to translate the technology along a path that may result in a competitive commercial reality. The potential economic impact is expected to be improved scientific discovery and drug development in the next decade, which will contribute to the U.S. competitiveness in the drug delivery technologies space. The societal impact, long term, will be new therapies, greater drug efficacy, reduced side effects, improved treatment outcomes, and quality of life, especially as they relate to the potential impact of this effort on the long term goal of realizing closed-loop clinical infusion systems.

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