Proposal Number: 1119817 Institution: Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences PI: N. Bates Co-PI: R. Harelstad

The proposal requests five Shipboard Scientific Support Equipment (SSSE) items for the R/V ATLANTIC EXPLORER operated by the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS); namely hydraulic system evaluations, an engine monitoring and alarm system, an oily water separator, a digital power meter, and RVSS Appendix B analysis of the stern A-frame and deck bolting pattern. These items will either improve safety or enhance the vessel?s science support capabilities.

Broader Impacts: The R/V ATLANTIC EXPLORER supports federally funded scientific research throughout the Atlantic basin to expand human knowledge of the ocean environment. The vessel also conducts the routine servicing of the Bermuda Atlantic Time-series Study (BATS) moorings. During operations, graduate and undergraduate students are routinely exposed to seagoing oceanography through real-time satellite connectivity from ship to shore, and open house events. All told, the ATLANTIC EXPLORER is scheduled to complete 155 NSF sponsored days in 2011.

Project Report

2011 Shipboard Scientific Support Equipment - R/V Atlantic Explorer Final Report: OCE 1119817 This award, in the amount of $221,200, was used to purchase the equipment, upgrades and improvements described below for installation on board R/V Atlantic Explorer, a 170 ft. general purpose research vessel operated by Bermuda Institute of Ocean Science (BIOS) as part of the University-National Oceanographic Laboratory System (UNOLS) research fleet. The Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS) is a U.S. 501 (c) 3 and 509 (a) not-for profit research and educational institution incorporated in the state of New York, and geographically located on the island of Bermuda. The mission of the ship is to support funded science research. With this award, BIOS acquired the following Shipboard Scientific Support Equipment: I. Naval Architecture Work on Appendix B and Stability Book Total: $30,000 1) Structural evaluation of the vessel’s aft A-frame, threaded deck sockets and NSF pool trawl winch for the preparation of Maximum Capability Documents (MCD’s) which establishe safe working load limits for scientific over-boarding systems . 2) Upgrades and improvements to the vessel’s computerized stability program, including: corrections to vessel stability data; and crew training. II. Oily Water Separator (OWS) Total: $ 32,660 Our old HeliSep Bilge Water Oily Water Separator was replaced with a Compass Water Solutions, Inc.ULTRA-SEP Model US-1000-C Bilge Water Separator. III. Hydraulic System Upgrades Total: $ 55,000 Funds were awarded to continue upgrades and improvements to the ship’s hydraulic system. Numerous component failures during 2009 and 2010, primarily directional control valves, made it apparent that a professional engineering evaluation of the entire hydraulic system was required. Recommendations included: · Replacement of long hose runs with solid pipe and removing all sharp 90° bends in the hard piping as various parts of the system are updated. · The program of replacing old control valves would be completed. · Remote digital control of certain directional controls valves was completed (CTD and Hydro-winch). · Development of system one-line drawings for the entire hydraulic system. IV. Engine, Systems and Machinery Alarm System Total: $ 46,800 A new engine room alarm system was installed during the January 2012 dry-docking. New sensors were purchased and installed and the wheelhouse panel installation was completed later in the year. V. Electrical System Digital Power Meters Total: $ 10,740 Square D 800 Series Power Meters, with associated current transformers, sensors, cabling and other hardware for installation in the main electrical distribution panel were purchased. This system will allow us to better monitor the quality of generator power, document power usage through the day both at sea and at the dock, provide more timely warnings of electrical problems and better manage overall use of the generators and make better financial decisions on whether to use ship or shore power while at the dock. A total of four power meters were installed: one on the shore power connection and three on each of the main generators. VI. New winch drum for the Markey DUSH-5 CTD winch Total: $ 46,000 A new Markey DESH-5 winch drum, built to the latest design revision, was purchased to replace a yielded drum which was not allowing correct spooling of the .322" cable on our CTD winch. A new Lebus shell, machined for the new cable, was also required. All work, including spooling of the new .322" cable was completed by Markey Machinery. TOTAL COST OF ALL ITEMS: $221,200 Broader Impacts: The principal impact of this award is under criterion two, providing infrastructure support for scientists to use the vessel in support of their NSF-funded oceanographic research projects (which individually undergo separate review by the relevant research program of NSF). Upgrades and improvements to the equipment and systems on R/V Atlantic Explorer enhance safety and provide a reliable vessel for NSF-funded researchers. R/V Atlantic Explorer supports scientific research and technology development that improves scientific knowledge of societal relevant environmental issues. The oceanographic time-series and other scientific research programs directly contribute to improved understanding of such global issues as: (1) global climate change; (2) the complex interaction and feedback between climate phenomena, global warming, ocean biogeochemistry and ecosystem variability and health, (3) studies of the open ocean carbon and nitrogen cycles and pelagic ecosystem dynamics, and; (4) the variability of greenhouse gases such as CO2, exchange of CO2 between ocean and atmosphere, and ocean acidification impacts. R/V Atlantic Explorer is an important contributor to education, training and public outreach. Many undergraduate to post-graduate students and scientists have received training or conducted their research using R/V Atlantic Explorer. The scientific data for the BATS, Hydrostation S, and OFP ocean time-series research programs also support education and training, being widely disseminated through easy online data access. R/V Atlantic Explorer and its crew regularly contribute to public outreach efforts.

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