The Mouse Imaging Facility (MIF) is a shared, intramural resource for animal imaging studies. MIF was established as a pilot project to provide the NIH intramural community access to modern radiological imaging methods optimized for studying mice and to advance the state-of-the-art in small animal imaging. The MIF is supported by all Institutes at NIH and the MIF reports to the Shared Resources Subcommittee (SRS) of the Scientific Directors. Administratively, MIF resides within NMRF. The MIF Subcommittee of the NMR Center Steering Committee, provides oversight for MIF activities. The MIF Subcommittee is responsible for all aspects of the MIF, including allocation of resources and time on the imaging devices, general directions for development work associated with the various imaging modalities and for reviewing NMR Center animal protocols. MIF provides intellectual, technical and material support for investigators using the MIF imaging facilities. MIF imaging resources, include magnetic resonance imaging, high Frequency ultrasound, computed tomography, laser Doppler blood flow imaging, bioluminescene and fluorsecence imaging.

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