During my career I have worked on several projects creating software (FASTLINK, CASPAR, rh_tsp_map,? PedHunter, etc.) and a database (Anabaptist Genealogy database) for genetic studies.? My association with this software and a past track record of effective collaboration? with wet lab scientists leads to more and more such collaborations.? Two highlights from the past year are:? -- publication in late 2007 in the New England Journal of Medicine that heterozygous? mutations in STAT3 cause hyper-IgE syndrome? -- the completion of a dense genome-wide radiation hybrid map of the horse;? the map is already available in NCBI's MapViewer and will be formally? published soon in Volume 122, issue 1 of Cytogenetic and Genome Research.? ? The immunology gene hunting work was done in collaboration with Steven Holland? (NIAID/NIH), Bodo Grimbacher (University College London), and Jennifer? PucK (UC San Francisco).? ? The horse map work was done in collaboration with Richa Agarwala (NCBI/NIH),? Edward Rice (former student at NCBI/NIH), Terje Raudsepp (Texas A&M) and? Bhanu Chowdhary (Texas A&M).

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