Objective: This protocol will enable prospective IRB review of research using human samples and data collected under other branch protocols. Study population: Participants that were followed in terminated branch protocols under which data or samples were collected. Design: Samples and data will be brought under this protocol, analyzed and stored for uses specified in the original protocols and as additionally approved by the IRB. Outcome: The outcome of this protocol will be the storage, tracking, and utilization of samples and data obtained under terminated protocols. Data and samples will enter this protocol from terminated IRB-approved protocols under which all human participant enrollment and participation is complete including: Protocol 04-EI-0065 (SCL31 Levy-Clarke) Protocol 96-EI-0096 (HAT Nussenblatt) Protocol 06-EI-0239 (Sarcoidosis Levy-Clarke) Protocol 02-EI-0099 (Microarray Nussenblatt) Protocol 05-EI-0178 (SITE Nussenblatt) Protocol 05-EI-0208 (HAT/JIA Nussenblatt) Protocol 00-EI-0204 (Uveitis ENT Nussenblatt) Protocol 98-EI-0085 (Uveitis Screening Nussenblatt) Protocol 04-EI-0260 (Uveitis Marker) Protocol 06-EI-0046 (Anti-CD11 Nussenblatt) Protocol 06-EI-0111 (AMDB1 Nussenblatt) Protocol 09-EI-0191 (JakStat Sen) Protocol 09-EI-0116 (SIRANU Sen) Protocol 10-EI-0186 (MIME Sen) Protocol 11-EI-0167 (JakStat 2 Sen) Protocol 11-EI-0107 (MEXX Sen) Protocol 10-EI-0191 (BOOTS Nussenblatt) Protocol 10-EI-0040 (RAIR Sen) Protocol 12-EI-0057 (ISAS Sen) Protocol 92-EI-0113 (Tissue Nussenblatt) Protocol 03-EI-0155 (SNPS Nussenblatt) Protocol 13-EI-0102 (GATSBY Sen)

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