In meeting the goals and objectives of FMIC, the center continues to: -Service and maintain state-of-the-art equipment for unlimited access by intramural scientists. -Provide investigator training in the use and analysis of fluorescence and optical-based techniques. -Develop and optimize experimental protocols in collaboration with intramural scientists. -Maintain and develop state-of-the-art analysis tools and protocols in collaboration with investigators -Monitor and incorporate emerging fluorescence and optical technologies that will support the mission of NIEHS into FMIC. During this fiscal year, FMIC has collaborated and supported 40 Principle Investigators from 7 branches/laboratories within the NIEHS DIR. Some publications from this FY resulting from work in the center is listed in the bibliography below: Bibliography Trempus CS, Song W, Lazrak A, Yu Z, Creighton JR, Young BM, Heise RL, Yu YR, Ingram JL, Tighe RM, Matalon S, Garantziotis S. 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