The Animal Program Division provides technical and collaborative research support to these investigators within NHLBI. Robert S Adelstein, MD (GDBC, DIR, NHLBI) Marcelo Amar, MD (NHLBI) Stasia A Anderson, BS, PhD (AMRI, GDBC, DIR, NHLBI) Joshua Anzinger (TMB, DIR, NHLBI) Andrew E. Arai, MD (LCE, TMB, DIR, NHLBI) Michael A Beaven, PhD (LMI, IC, DIR, NHLBI) Manfred Boehm, MD (TMB, DIR, NHLBI) Maurice Benjamin Burg, MD (LKEM, CBPC, DIR, NHLBI) Jichun Chen, PhD (HB, DIR, NHLBI) Richard W Childs, MD (HB, DIR, NHLBI) Jay H Chung, MD,PhD (LBG, GDBC, DIR, NHLBI) Christian Combs (CBPC, DIR, NHLBI) Robert E Donahue, VMD, MS (HB, DIR, NHLBI) Cynthia E. Dunbar, MD (HB, DIR, NHLBI) Neal D Epstein, MD (GDBC, DIR, NHLBI) Toren Finkel, MD,PhD (TMB, DIR, NHLBI) Lois Greene, PhD (LCB, CBPC, DIR, NHLBI) John A. Hammer, III, PhD (LCB, CBPC, DIR, NHLBI) Keith A Horvath (OCD, DIR, NHLBI) Paul M Hwang, MD, PhD (TMB, DIR, NHLBI) Gregory J Kato, MD (TMB, DIR, NHLBI) Geumsoo Kim, PhD (LB, BBC, DIR, NHLBI) Mark A Knepper, PhD, MD (LKEM, CBPC, DIR, NHLBI) Robert M. Kotin, PhD (LBG, GDBC, DIR, NHLBI) Kenneth L Kramer, PhD (GDBC, DIR, NHLBI) Robert J Lederman, MD (TMB, DIR, NHLBI) Warren J Leonard, MD (LMI, IC, DIR, NHLBI) Rodney L. Levine, MD, PhD (LB, BBC, DIR, NHLBI) Stewart J Levine, MD (PVMB, DIR, NHLBI) Chengyu Liu, PhD (GDBC, DIR, NHLBI) Cecilia W. Lo, PhD (GDBC, DIR, NHLBI) Andreas Erik Lennart Lundqvist (HB, DIR, NHLBI) Vincent Manganiello, M.D., Ph.D. (TMB, DIR, NHLBI) Muhammad M Mohiuddin, MD (CSRP, OCD, DIR, NHLBI) Joel Moss, MD, PhD (TMB, DIR, NHLBI) Yosuke Mukoyama (LDB, GDBC, DIR, NHLBI) Elizabeth Murphy, PhD (TMB, DIR, NHLBI) Elizabeth G. Nabel, MD (OD, NHLBI) Vinay M Pai, PhD (TMB, DIR, NHLBI) Lance Pohl, PharmD,PhD (LMI, IC, DIR, NHLBI) Alan T Remaley, MD,PhD (PVMB, DIR, NHLBI) Alessandra Cecilia Rovescalli, PhD (LBG, GDBC, DIR, NHLBI) Michael Neil Sack, MD (TMB, DIR, NHLBI) James R. Sellers, PhD (LMP, CBPC, DIR, NHLBI) Robert D. Shamburek, MD (TMB, DIR, NHLBI) Clare M Waterman (CBPC, DIR, NHLBI) Han Wen, PhD (LCE, CBPC, DIR, NHLBI) Keji Zhao, PhD (LMI, IC, DIR, NHLBI)

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